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What are clients saying?

"When people would asked 'Who can I point your way?' I'd typically talk about what we do and hope they know someone who needs that. Now I can tell them exactly what we're looking for and who we serve best."

  • Derek S., Owner

"The Filter's scorecard has put the reigns on our partner referral program. We spent way too much time and resources cutting through the noise to find the work we enjoy and do most profitably."

  • Spence W., Owner

About us

At Criterion Business Development, we work with business owners and executives who have established substantial organizations on the foundation of their technical or delivery expertise, or as "the face of the company". It's not uncommon for these business leaders to be the primary "holder of the reigns"​ for all new business generation as well.

Due to an event, or the growth of the company, they've realized the business demands their attention elsewhere internally, putting them in the unfamiliar position of building the sales​ side of the business with only the reference points they've learned along the way. Most have made prior efforts to hire or delegate the sales responsibilities but they've proven frustrating and/or unsuccessful.

We work with these owners to start formalizing the process with systems and tools that supports the growth they're targeting. The starting point involves creating what we call the A-List Prospect Filter, which helps systematically identify prospects that best resemble their top revenue producing clients or "A-List Clients".

The criteria we define are then put into a scoring system, which lives on a digital tool we’ve developed, and is used in the qualification process for either sales teams or existing partner referral programs. Once the filter is in place we begin building momentum through an implementation and coaching period. This is the foundation of our customized Sales Toolkit that will directly impact the growth they are targeting.

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