Load your pipeline with more right-fit customers and love what you do again.

Criterion aligns, transforms, and upgrades new customer relationships

We'll take 3 Steps together:

Align and Define

Customer evolution and baseline discovery

Engage and Implement

A sales engagement plan for company-wide lift

Measure the Results

Insightful data to manage teams efficiently

Serving Owners and C-Level Executives of established service-based, B2B organizations
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What are Our clients saying?

"When people asked me ‘What kind of business leads can I point your way?' I'd typically answer with a list of the things we do and then hope the person asking might know someone who needed those services. Now I tell them exactly what we're looking for and who we serve best."

  • Derek S., Owner

"The scoring tool has put the reigns on our partner referral program. We spent way too much time and resources cutting through the noise to find the work we enjoy and do most profitably."

  • Spence W., Owner

About us

Wasting valuable time with the wrong customers?

It’s common for owners of service-based organizations to feel stuck after 5, 10, even 20 years in business. They feel that they’re still not reaching their goals.

The common cause? Non-ideal customers.

Saying yes to as many opportunities as possible is common in the formative years, but over time it just produces a collection of painful, time-consuming customers who produce below-average profits.

Finding right-fit clients can feel a lot like looking for Waldo in a Where’s Waldo puzzle. Owners and their teams love the "Waldo" clients. They have a positive impact on the culture and they drive the most profitable results. But how do you find them when you’re so busy with the customers who aren’t the ideal “Waldo” customer?

Criterion transforms the puzzle to be mostly Waldos, giving owners a reason to feel like their sales efforts are meaningful again.

About Tony Biel

I’m Tony Biel, Criterion’s founder. I’ve successfully navigated two complementary career paths that are both devoted to getting people from point A to point B. My passion for helping others was solidified in my early work in social services. I worked with at-risk youth and law enforcement, eventually resulting in independent security work overseas. I knew there was a way to benefit the business world with the same approach, so I turned a corner nearly 20 years ago. Since then, I’ve applied the same techniques and principles to help businesses reach their goals, earning accolades as an individual contributor, celebrated sales leader, and a business consultant who consistently delivers results.

How does Criterion Do this?

Here’s how it works: schedule a free Baseline and 80/20 Assessment. We’ll take time to confirm we’re a right fit for each other. If so, we’ll work through Criterion’s process to identify your unique right-fit prospect profile, walk with you through the process to effectively introduce a new digital sales tool into your sales process until you’re happy about your pipeline again.

Contact me here.  I’ll send you Criterion’s “5 Foundational Elements for an Effective Sales Team” so you can stop letting painful and unprofitable clients stunt your growth, and start seeing upgrades in new customer relationships.

Tony Biel, Founder/Principle Consultant

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