A Quality Control Filter For
Your Sales Funnel

A proven method for more 'A-List' clients


We galvanize your targets for sales to correctly identify A-List prospects.


Implemented to drive quality into the pipeline and improved results.


Augment your sales team with top sales professionals that fit you.

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Then arm your sales team or leverage ours for
focused results.

your team

  • Simplify your qualification process.
  • Arm your sales team to build quality into your pipeline.
  • Drive a culture of success.


  • Augment your existing sales team with our experts.
  • Leverage our authentic relationships.
  • Identify sales resources that best fit your business.

About us

CriterionBD’s A-List Sales Strategy allows owners & sales leaders to manage their sales and pre-sales resources more efficiently.

By arming sales teams with tools to quantitatively score prospects against their 'A-List Clients', they can be confident their qualification process is not only yielding 'good opportunities', but also weeding out the painful, less profitable ones.

Many of our clients also leverage the top sales professionals in our community to augment their sales efforts with project-based consulting, interim leadership assignments, and contract sales engagements.

Our mission is to break the common generic definitions of the "target market", which consistently points salespeople in vague directions, by providing the process that defines and secures "good business" for each unique client we serve.

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