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Aligning the Target
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What are clients saying?

"When people asked me ‘What kind of business leads can I point your way?' I'd typically answer with a list of the things we do and then hope the person asking might know someone who needed those services. Now I can tell them exactly what we're looking for and who we serve best."

  • Derek S., Owner

"The scoring tool has put the reigns on our partner referral program. We spent way too much time and resources cutting through the noise to find the work we enjoy and do most profitably."

  • Spence W., Owner

About us

As a business owner, you want to be confident your sales team is only spending time on opportunities that drive profitable results and keeps the production and account management teams excited. In order to reach that level of confidence, your salespeople need to be consistently securing new clients that mirror your best clients, aka your “A-List Clients”.

The problem is, when you are heads down running the business it’s easy to lose sight of the quality in your pipeline, which then results in anxiety and confusion when it becomes apparent there's been a lack of A-List Clients being closed in the past several months.

I believe your business, and the teams you’ve built, deserve to be working with the highest value clients within your target market. I understand how business leaders, who've built substantial companies on the foundation of profitable, loyal clients can find themselves struggling with expensive ineffective sales efforts and misaligned teams.

This is why CriterionBD exists. I’ve worked with 100's of business owners and CEOs as part of a larger management group, and have spent over 15 years building and evolving sales teams in changing markets. My goal in founding CriterionBD is to share with business owners the tools and duplicable processes that establish, or regain confidence in their sales team in order to overcome plateaued results.

Here’s how it works: schedule a free discovery meeting, complete my "Align the Target to the Market" workshop, and receive your customized digital tool & processes so we can maximize and measure the results.

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here and I will send you “5 Elements to Make Your Sales People Even More Effective” so you can stop letting painful and unprofitable clients stunt your growth and start securing new A-List Clients.

Tony Biel, Founder/CEO

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