Load your pipeline with right-fit prospects and love what you do again.

Upgrade new client relationships

your culture

Increase revenues and profit margin

Stop letting painful and unprofitable clients stunt your growth.

What are Our clients saying?

"When people asked me ‘What kind of business leads can I point your way?' I'd typically answer with a list of the things we do and then hope the person asking might know someone who needed those services. Now I tell them exactly what we're looking for and who we serve best."

  • Derek S., Owner

"The scoring tool has put the reigns on our partner referral program. We spent way too much time and resources cutting through the noise to find the work we enjoy and do most profitably."

  • Spence W., Owner

About us

Saying yes to as many opportunities as possible is common in the formative years of any service-based business, but over time it can produce a collection of painful time-consuming customers who produce below-average profits.

Since the early days of his career, Tony Biel has helped to get clients from Point A to Point B, personally, professionally & financially. 

Tony's passion for providing positive impact began by working with at-risk youth, law enforcement, and global independent security assignments. In the business world, Tony applies the same principles and techniques, of Learn/Do/Measure to break plateaus and improve sales teams. His passion helps your business:

- Evolve the sales side of the house
- Manage and maintain a pipeline of Right-fit prospects
- Gain new profitable clients

In turn, he has earned numerous accolades as a individual contributor, leader, and consultant.

How does Criterion do this?

Here’s how:

Schedule a time for us to discuss today's Point A and we can confirm if we’re a right fit for each other. If so, together we’ll work through Criterion’s 3 Step Process:

1. Enlighten - Evolve prospecting targets
2. Engage - New business for company-wide lift
3. Measure - Tools and data to manage teams efficiently

Contact us here.  I’ll send you our “5 Foundational Elements for an Effective Sales Team” so you can stop letting painful and unprofitable clients stunt your growth, and start seeing upgrades in new customer relationships.

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